The Important Differences Between Rounded Buckles And Square, Rectangular Alternatives

belt buckles for men

For the free and fabulous, rounded buckles may be preferred. For men who wish to project their masculinity on as grand a scale as possible, they’ll be looking out for big, square belt buckles for men. And men who need to be formally attired will be dividing their time and attention towards the acquisition of discreetly smaller but rectangular belt buckles. This is a short story on the important differences between rounded buckles and their square and rectangular counterparts.

Rounded buckles, of course, come appealingly in all sizes and, indeed, shapes too. They are not necessarily precisely round but rather, oblong at least. The debate has gone on for far too long that rounded or ovular shaped belt buckle is a little on the feminine side. But there are men who wish to and choose to look, oh so, absolutely fabulous. And then again, why are masculine cowboys and construction workers going in for rounded but big buckles.

Oh, never mind then. Of course, if guys want to play it safe with their masculinity, they will be going in for the square alternatives. If you want to be making a fashion statement that gets noticed, pay some attention to the shape of your boot as well. If you’re in the square, square belt buckle and all, make sure that your boot’s toe is also square. And it’s all still so big, so you’ll still be able to kick, well, you know. Or kick up some dust at your next square dance function.

The distinctly smaller rectangular buckle is, however, perfectly poised for all formal occasions. It works really well with a smartly tailored suit or a refined pair of well-pressed chinos, even a good pair of jeans.