Dressing for Protection and Comfort

Comfort doesn’t need to come at the expense of concealing a firearm. When it comes to carrying a firearm on your person, the element of concealment is something that can’t be given up. With that in mind, having the right clothes to properly hide a firearm is important. In addition to being comfortable, such clothing also allow for quick access of a firearm should the moment require it. The many styles and sizes also let everyone choose to what they want to wear depending on taste and personal style.

undercover clothes

Wearing the right undercover clothes can come in handy for instance if one is involved in the private security service. Being able to guard clients effectively is crucial and while doing so, one doesn’t want to be obvious about carrying a firearm. With these types of shirts, a firearm can be conveniently placed in a small, tight pocket on the side, removing the need for a separate strap on holster that appears bulky with regular clothes. Holsters have the unnecessary effect of being visible if one is wearing a jacket over them. They also give a distinctive bulge appearance in the chest area where it can be seen. A shirt with dedicated pocket for the firearm makes it more convenient to hide, thus allowing one to wear plain clothes and not be obvious about carrying a firearm.

In addition to ease of access, another advantage of these forms of clothes is that they are form fitting and adapt to the desired style of the wearer. Whether its in no sleeve, short sleeve, or long sleeve, the options are there so that it can be worn with other clothing on top of it. V-necks, circle neck, crew neck, or tank top, the versatility of these shirts are for everyone’s tastes. Carrying a firearm doesn’t need to be a complicated affair. Its as easy as wear, hide, and go. It’s that simple.