A Guide To Hair Straightening

There are a variety of ways to get hair straight. One of the most popular methods by far is flat ironing, but other methods such as relaxing the hair also works. Many women prefer using straight request relaxer instead of straightening their hair using a hair straightener.

1.    Washing

straight request relaxer

To obtain a good straightening it is always better to have clean hair, since in that condition the cuticle is completely mastered. Also, if the procedure is done with dirty hair, the heat of the iron acts on the grease, leaving it looking unpleasant. When washing hair, it is important not to put excess shampoo on your hair. In addition, to achieve hair easy to master, use products that provide weight, such as shampoo and conditioners containing wheat germ.

2.    Use of a thermos-protective product

To properly apply a thermo protective product you have to divide the hair into strands no more than three fingers wide. You have to start from the back, and always place it in the middle and long, never in the root. Small massages are made for the product to penetrate, comb and then apply the dryer.

3.    Drying

Never try to flat iron hair that isn’t completely dry, it will fry the hair and leave it frizzy and brittle.

4.    Ironing

Once the moisture has been completely removed from the hair, work can be started with the iron. The ideal thing is to slide the iron slowly, leaving it no more than three or four seconds in each place, since if you leave it longer you can generate marks.

5.    Periodicity

The daily use of the iron causes dryness, broken ends and in many cases cuts the hair. Taking this into account, the ideal is not to use the device more than two or three times a week. It is important to let the hair rest.